King Me KinkiER Clip-Ins

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Price is Per Package of Clip-Ins

Create a style in less than 10 minutes! King Me KinkIER is 100% virgin hair that has been tailored to match 4C & kinkIER hair and is the best texture for our Kinky haired loves! It is the most believable and blendable hair option can be described as very full, thick, cotton-like and of course kinky! This hair has the lowest level of lustre in our collections. ALL Clip-ins ARE SENT UNCOMBED, uniformly curled with metal clips across the weft.

Amount: 6 pieces per package
Width of each piece: 1-9″ 2-7″ 3-4″
Weight: 114- 130 Grams

*We recommend the following: two packages of clip-ins for a full head, 22+ lengths may require 3 bundles depending on desired fullness.


The hair is steamed and rolled to produce the kinky curls. By straightening it, you could possibly loosen the curl pattern and weaken the shaft. Please use extreme caution when straightening.


Our Virgin hair can be colored or dyed if desired. Our Virgin Hair is only available in its natural hair color. Shades normally range from medium brown to near black. WE CANNOT DETERMINE OR SIFT through our bundles to determine which color you will get.  To check the processed colors we have, please see above.


Please keep in mind that our hair does shrink, just like natural hair textures, the hair is longer when wet and prone to shrink by 2-4 inches when fully dried depending on your chosen collection. The lengths indicated are the lengths of the hair when stretched.

The hair is SINGLE DRAWN, so every strand WILL NOT measure to the listed length – meaning there will be variations of length within the weft. EXAMPLE: 16″ will have 14″/15″/16″ with the longest being 16″.

(Please remember kinky curly hair is prone to shrinkage and each bundle is measured by the stretched length)

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